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Post Implementation & Onsite / Offsite IT Support

Plan your post-implementation. It may sound elementary, but planning beyond go-live is incomprehensible to most executives and project team members, especially when they are stuck in the weeds of an implementation. However, no organization will achieve its expected business benefits without long-term planning. As proven in our experience and research, successful ERP implementations make post-implementation activities a high priority. The graphic below illustrates how just 28-percent of organizations appropriately define the “finish line” of their ERP implementations in way that results in measurable business benefits.

Focus on tangible results. If you can’t and don’t measure it, you won’t achieve it, so post-implementation audits are a critical way to ensure benefits realization. The project team should define key performance indicators (KPIs) that will drive business benefits expected by the executive team. These KPIs should then be translated into individual and departmental metrics, along with target levels of performance to be used as the basis for the post-implementation audit. Even soft benefits that are hard to quantify should be translated to tangible benefits wherever possible. In addition, business process reengineering activities can and should be prioritized to focus on those that will deliver the most tangible operational results the quickest.

Onsite / Offsite IT Support


         On-Site and Off-Site IT Support
  Our highly experienced team of engineers can provide a tailored IT support service that fits the needs of your business.  This includes a mixture of on-site and remote support. We recognise that although most IT problems can be resolved    remotely there is sometimes a need for engineers to visit our customer sites.
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