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Earth Green Initiative By Fortune Systems LLP

Earth Green Initiative By SolutionOne ERP Private Limited (Formerly Known as Fortune Systems LLP)

"Connecting with nature means to connect with ourselves. If we do so, we nurture a better planet" - Narendra Modi

Universally, trees have been known as an important part of urban landscapes for millennia, since they offer adequate benefits to humanity.

Trees are vital for human life because they offer a varied range of resources such as absorbing carbon or acting as carbon sink, generating oxygen which is important for life’s existence on earth, so they are also known as earth lung, aiding to regulate hydrological cycle, world’s climatic condition, water purification, providing habitat to wildlife, decreasing global warming, absorbing poisonous gases and noise, reducing pollution, preserving soil, and mitigating natural threats like floods and landslides.

This World Environment Day, SolutionOne ERP Private Limited (Formerly Known as Fortune Systems LLP) takes a step further towards cementing its commitment to sustainability by initiating conversations around our biggest fears about the environment. The campaign focuses on the adverse effects of air pollution and how it affects everything around us – from heritage monuments and wildlife to human health and flora & fauna.

At Vansol and Ajarpura both the locations, activity of plantation was carried out by Directors and Employees in near the farms premises to add a green cover. Our Directors underlined the significance of environment and motivated everyone present to take environment friendly action by planting saplings and to ensure the survival of these saplings.

The celebrations concluded with a commitment to protect the wildlife and the environment.

When Food is a Big Problems

When Food is a Big Problems

"There are people in the world so hungry that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread" - Mahatma Gandhi

Sometimes, the poor family members do not get food to eat for one time a day or even whole day without food, which is the basic necessity as they are always looking for to survive. As India enters the Second Wave, our hearts go out to all those Indians who depend on daily wages for their next meal.

In an attempt to reach out to the local populace in charotar region and to help them, SolutionOne ERP Private Limited (Formerly Known as Fortune Systems LLP) had organized a program to distribute huge quantity of essential items like blankets, shoes, shirts, foods and Groceries at Pansora Village on our company's 10th anniversary.

Our Clothes' donation drive is exclusively meant for the children and adults living near roads, under flyovers, and in Almshouse, and we successfully reach to near 50 people.

Staff members of SolutionOne ERP Private Limited (Formerly Known as Fortune Systems LLP) presented at our destination place Pansora village by distributing free meals to poor people. We must mention here that the food is cooked in the morning around 10am and is ready to be served to people within 1 hour. As a responsible company, we have amplified our efforts to ensure that we overcome this global crisis together.

Be a Helping Hand to Kids who needs you

Be a Helping Hand to Kids who needs you - A Campaign Initiated by SolutionOne ERP Private Limited (Formerly Known as Fortune Systems LLP) 18-10-2021, Nadiad, Gujarat

"Educate and raise the masses, and thus alone a nation is possible."
Swami Vivekananda

Today many children who still do not have access to education, it is notable because of persisting inequality and marginalization. Undeniably, many children from disadvantaged backgrounds are forced to abandon their education due to health problems related to malnutrition or in order to work and provide support for the family. A full dish of meal filled with the goodness of nutrients is nourishing, gives one strength; both bodily and mental, keeps one active and free from diseases. Many a times we notice poor children begging on the streets, sitting near roads or just roaming around.

Does these children can't wish for a better life and to deserve bright future they can't lead because of their condition.?

A sense of pity strikes in but hardly do we ever ask ourselves some rational questions about their health, needs and education.

The prevailing situation in India speaks the different scenarios. we have constantly failed to provide the most basic care to our children, providing healthy meals, books, and mental freedom to them which results in least level of growth, malnourishment, metal disestablishment and find them self as an uneducated person. We believe in human potential and want to help individuals as well as organizations develop their potential.

SolutionOne ERP Private Limited (Formerly Known as Fortune Systems LLP) takes initiative to help kids who needs the basic requirement that they should have. We visited a school in nadiad who takes care the mentally disabled children. Our aim is to provides nutritious meals to all 64 kids who stayed and studied there. We supported them in education by distributing books, stationery products and also secure them by installing security cameras in their premise. Our employees have spend whole day with children and arranged some sports activities for them where each one can participate in the different games and after wining they entitled to get gifts and chocolates.

Our work covers donating essential products to the needy. If every companies care more and support children, their lives will change for the better.

Save The Children Event

How Solution One ERP Pvt. Ltd. has contributed in social event "Save The Children"

"Let us sacrifice our today so that our children can have a better tomorrow."
Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

All children deserve a healthy start in life. Every year, under nutrition contributes to 3 million child deaths worldwide. Save the Children ensures mothers, babies and children have access to health and nutrition services.

Corporate Social Responsibility allows employees and employers to contribute to the development and growth. We are committed to corporate and social responsibility including contributing to communities who needs what they wish to have. We are pleased to be supporting Save the Children's Education work which tackles issues such as access, the right to survival, protection, development, participation, discrimination and quality learning. We have provided enough essentials food to keep 80+ children from going hungry for a month and supplied and educational stationery stuff to them.

“We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.”

If a company takes positive action to improve children’s rights, it will definitely benefit because children and other workers will pay more attention to their work. They will work more efficiently and will pay attention to the business, knowing that the company cares about them.

”A strong CSR program is one that involves and empowers local communities to attain and sustain a better standard of living. We believe that for long term sustenance, an organization’s CSR must focus on growing communities that will also grow the business.

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