Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Depending of the size of the organization, mostly implementations take three to Six months.
But it may vary on following factors.

  • Transfer from or integration with legacy systems, including data.
  • Key Leaders Are Not Available.
  • Complexity of the system being installed, including add-ons and required customizations.

However, SolutionOne ERP Private Limited (Formerly Known as Fortune Systems LLP) has developed a proven implementation plan with a consistent track record of success.

When a call is placed to the customer support line, customers speak directly to a experienced support staff with an average tenure of over five years experience with SolutionOne ERP. All, ERP implementation, training, software development, annual maintenance, and ongoing customer support is directly delivered by SolutionOne ERP Private Limited (Formerly Known as Fortune Systems LLP).

Unlike many other systems in this regard, SolutionOne ERP is entirely scalable and flexible. Definitely, with SolutionOne ERP, Additional licenses can be added at any time. In the contract, there is a set number of users and an agreed-upon price per additional user added at a later date.

Yes. You can export the entire financial data to tally. You have to export the masters first and then the transactions. For that we will provide you the utility if needed.

Certainly. Proper training will be provided at high priority to make the ERP implementation successful. Because, end to end user training involve not just at general level of training on how to use the ERP, but also more specific training on how employees in various roles/department can and should use it.

ERP Software are beneficial to companies regardless of size or industry. In recent years, small- to mid-sized and large scale companies have chosen our ERP Software. Our Major Clients are dealing in Engineering, Discrete Manufacturing, Sheet-plate cutting/Fabrication and in EPC sector.

Following risk might be considered while implementing ERP Software.

  • Not Choosing the Right Fit ERP System
  • Poor Buy in From the Top
  • Insufficient Training of End Users
  • Lack of Senior Management Support
  • Key Team Leaders Are Not Available
  • Lack of Technical Support Infrastructure

SolutionOne ERP is licensed on a concurrent-user basis and It is sold as a fully-integrated ERP software. It may be licensed to be used by a company, on a particular computer or by other criteria such as number of users. There is no module or specific functionality that we offers that is not included in SolutionOne ERP.

SolutionOne ERP helps improve customer service by:

  • Improving user experience
  • Enabling access to the information you need to better serve your customers
  • Providing dedicated support
  • Delivering regular updates and new features

Yes. we have both options available and you may choose depending on your IT infrastructure.

A maintenance agreement, which is a recurring cost, typically provides both technical support and certain innovations. Some of those innovations will be included in your maintenance fee and others may still need to be purchased. Maintenance is typically priced as a percentage of the software license. But we are not charging AMC for the 1st year.

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