Quality Control ERP Modules

The Quality Control module offered by “SolutionOne

SolutionOne’ Quality control module offers quality department data management architecture of purchased material accepted / rejected stock with parameters. It also helps to capture In-process QC accepted / rejected / rework data with its parameters records. Quality Module includes customer-driven quality, top management leadership and commitment, continuous improvement, fast response, actions based on facts, employee participation and above all a quality management culture. Each part of the company is involved in total quality, operating as a customer or supplier to one another.

Major Functionalities of Quality Control are following,

  • Quality checks on following events,
    • Material Purchase
    • Production (Finished Goods / Semi Finished Goods) process level QC
    • Returnable Material QC
    • Party Supplied (Customer / Vendor) material QC
    • Sales Return Material QC
    • Pre-dispatch Final Inspection entry
  • Facility to define parameters to each purchased item
  • Facility to define parameters to each production process level
  • Vendor rejection note entry to notify Stores department for return it
  • Related Analytical information

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