Third Party Software Integration ERP Modules

The Third Party Software / Tool Integration module offered by “SolutionOne

SolutionOne ERP is designed in such a way that it helps third-party software/tools to get integration.

Default integrated Software / Tools bridge are following,


Default bridge is available to transfer your ERP accounting data on Tally platform to reduce double work for the outside auditors to work smoothly. Through this bridge Accounts department can transfer accounting data entered data in ERP to Tally for the selected period.


Microsoft Power BI Tool

SolutionOne ERP offers to a company to manage their dashboards on this platform. Default Sales & Finance dashboards are readily available to use.

Microsoft Power BI Tool

SolutionOne’ Mobile App

SolutionOne ERP has its own mobile application to Authorize documents / Payable / Receivable track / Stock status / Purchase orders / Sales Orders / Management dashboard / Sales Inquiry entry / Sales Quotation entry / Client Visit entry etc…..

SolutionOne Mobile App

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